neddux faculty

The standard of an academic institution is measured by the quality of its students and teachers.

Sandalio Gómez López-Egea

Professor and academic director of neddux

Ph.D. in economic sciences and Ph.D. in business administration at IESE Business School, in which he has worked his entire professional career and currently works as emeritus professor in people management.

His passion is to teach using the case study methodology both in live and online teaching.

In the business world, it is not enough to know a lot, it is also necessary to apply the knowledge to a real life situation. This is the contribution he has dedicated his entire academic life.

He has assumed executive responsibilities and provided advice to various companies on a national and international level. His research has been published in numerous technical notes, case studies, papers and several books in his specialization.

The challenge he has taken on at neddux is to transfer his knowledge, experience and academic rigor to the online world.

José Luis Gómez López-Egea

Professor of Financial Management and Associate Academic Director

Ph.D. in economic sciences, auditor and entrepreneur. He developed his professional and academic life in Argentina at the Universidad Austral, of which he was Rector, and at the IAE in Buenos Aires, of which he was founder and first General Director.

His extensive experience in teaching business people and executives has allowed him to develop his own widely recognized methodology in the teaching of Accounting and Finances.

He has published numerous research papers and scientific publications, including his book on case study methodology applied to the business world.

Eduardo Gómez García de Paredes

Professor in Strategic Management and CEO of neddux

A business graduate from Villanueva University, a graduate of IESE and a professor at the University of Navarra, he has worked in the consulting world for more than 50 multinational companies in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

Consultant and executive in companies such as Arthur Andersen, Management Solutions, E&Y, PwC and KPMG, where he was a partner.

To his extensive executive and consulting experience, he adds an important background as a researcher in the business world in general and in sports organizations in particular, an industry he is passionate about.

He founded neddux to bring a different approach to the online world that guarantees the highest academic level and rigor in management training.

Obsessed with improving the quality of education and adapting it to the needs of companies, he has written several studies on youth employment and the challenges of vocational training in Spain.

Pablo Gutiérrez Merelles

Professor of Commercial Management and Sales

Degree in Chemical Sciences, Master in Marketing and Sales at M&B, PDD by Cesma and Managers Program at IESE Business School

He developed his professional life in the commercial and sales field, both for B2B and B2C. His professional career mainly took place in Amena and Orange, where he worked in different channels, which has allowed him to acquire a 360º vision of the sales world. He has managed direct and indirect sales teams, developed new sales channels, telesales teams and retail channels.

He is currently the Retail Director at Orange, responsible for the management of sales, trade marketing and distribution accounts.

Passionate about rugby, he was a member of the Spanish senior national team for 15 years, which has helped him to acquire values that he continually transfers to the business world.

“Avanti, siempre avanti”

José Luis Ferrero Navarro

Professor of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

Degree in Economics and Business Administration, Master in Commercial Management and Marketing at ESIC, PDD at IESE Business School and Master in Digital Marketing at EUDE.

He developed his professional career in the commercial field, marketing, eCommerce, in both B2C and B2B environments in Spain and Europe in different business areas of PHILIPS.

He is currently Commerce lead Iberia at Publicis Groupe, the third largest global communications group and known for its different brands such as Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi or Zenith.

Previously he was Director of the fullCommerce business unit at vdSHOP, responsible for different eCommerce projects, both in own Marketplace platforms and in Amazon, eBay and AliExpress, as well as Director of eCommerce at PHILIPS and Marketing Communications at SIGNIFY.

Professor of Omnichannel and eCommerce at ESIC, Instituto de Empresa and Universidad Complutense de Madrid; speaker at national and international Digital Marketing and eCommerce events; Vice President of the eCommerce Leaders Club and Co-Founder of Gamingates and eCommerceCoach.

Ignacio (Nacho) Villoch

Professor of Innovation and Sustainability

As a graduate in law and a trained specialist in international marketing, in addition to several postgraduate degrees, he has lived and worked in 4 continents – from Singapore and Hong Kong to Paraguay and Bolivia, passing through Lisbon, New York and Miami – in senior business development positions in the financial industry.

Author of “Diana’s Adventure. Innovando y emprendiendo contra Viento y marea”, the first business novel about Innovation, and one of the 10 books recommended by Expansión to change careers in 2015, and of “El Desafío de Yaho: En busca de las Fuentes del talento”. In 2021 he just published “Una breve historia del futuro”, a collection of stories aiming to help us understand the world we are going to live in and how to take advantage of all its opportunities.

He actively works on increasing knowledge on Innovation, Talent, Sustainability digital transformation, a field he has professionally dedicated himself to for two decades and has built a proven reputation.

Regular guest lecturer for innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and digital transformation programs at business schools, inspirational speaker and facilitator at institutional, academic and corporate events. He is actively involved as a mentor, inspirer and promoter in various communities and projects of entrepreneurship.

He is a member of the Digital Advisory Board of several companies and startups, providing them guidance in their transformation, innovation, and sustainability strategies and in the search for their purpose.

A pioneer in the use of social networks and social media, in 2016 he was awarded by the social network LinkedIn as Top Social Executive in Spain and Portugal and in June 2021, Forbes magazine selected him as one of the top 40 futurists in Spain. In 2021 he was recognized with the award of +Influencer in Human Resources by the newspaper RRHH Digital.