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Carlos Cotelo, neddux Film Director
Carlos Cotelo, neddux Film Director

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“Assessment and Promotion”⭐⭐⭐⭐


A rugby club appoints a new CEO whose main objective is to earn back the team’s historic position at the head of the table, which it hasn’t achieved in a long time. To accomplish this, he hires a renowned coach who, in turn, signs a star player from Australia as the team’s driving force. He promises him the captain’s position and a two-year contract renewal if the team wins the championship. At the same time, in order to evaluate the team’s performance, the CEO decides to implement a 360-degree assessment system and reinforce the club’s original values.
The star player’s assessment results turn out to be completely unexpected, but they do win the championship. The club is left with maximum efficiency on the one hand, but tension in the team on the other. Now the CEO must decide how to move forward.

Academic Objectives

  • Explain the differences between the 90-degree and 360-degree assessment strategies.
  • Identify the main purposes of assessment strategies.
  • Understand the importance of messages conveyed through people assessments.
  • Professional promotion: transparent criteria, procedure for action, and consistency with the values and culture of the organization.

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La formación online en la encrucijada (II)

La formación online en la encrucijada (II)

¿Cómo se recupera el modelo educativo del shock que ha sufrido? La vida transcurría plácidamente, cada uno en su casilla desarrollando el enfoque de siempre con los retoques propios de la aplicación de las nuevas tecnologías, cuando una tormenta inesperada fulmina...

La formación online en la encrucijada (I)

La formación online en la encrucijada (I)

El sector de la enseñanza ha sufrido un shock inesperado y violento que le va a costar tiempo y sobre todo mucho esfuerzo superar. En realidad, se ha precipitado lo que estaba insinuándose cada vez con mayor insistencia: ¿un cambio de modelo educativo? No, algo más...

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